Charles Arthur and Michael Dash

A Haiti anthology : Libète

Markus Wiener Publishers

Princeton (N.J.), 1999

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A Haiti anthology : libète / Charles Arthur and Michael Dash, eds. - Princeton (N.J.) : Markus Wiener publ., 1999. - 352 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
ISBN 1-55876-213-2

DESCRIPTION : Haiti's dramatic history, pressing social problems, and rich culture make it one of the most fascinating nations in the Americas. This book aims to reflect some of Haiti's extraordinary diversity through the best of writing. While many journalistic accounts are rapidly overtaken by events, this collection reveals the more deep-rooted reality of the « magic » island's people and society.

Mixing contributions from anthropologists, historians, and novelists, Libète is arranged thematically, offering sections on a wide range of historical and contemporary issues. Each section contains an introductory essay on a particular theme, extracts from differing authors and full bibliographical information. Contributions include previously unavailable work from Haitians, translated from Creole, as well as excerpts from such authors as C.L.R. James, Alejo Carpentier, Jacques Roumain, and Edwidge Danticat.



  • Chapter One - Colonialism and Revolution
  • Chapter Two - The Status Quo: Elites, Soldiers and Dictators
  • Chapter Three - Rural Haiti: Peasants, Land and the Environment
  • Chapter Four - Poverty and Urban Life
  • Chapter Five - Forces for Change
  • Chapter Six - Refugees and the Diaspora
  • Chapter Seven - Foreign Interventions
  • Chapter Eight - Popular Religion and Culture
  • Chapter Nine - Literature and Language
  • Chapter Ten - The View From Abroad

Epilogue - Ayiti Demen, Jean-Claude Martineau

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mise-à-jour : 4 juin 2019
J. Michael Dash,
né à Trinidad en 1948, est mort à New York le 2 juin 2019