Jane & Will Curtis, Frank Lieberman

Monhegan, the artists' island

Down East Books

Camden (Maine), 1995

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N.E. of America
Monhegan, the artists' island / Jane and Will Curtis and Frank Lieberman ; foreword by Carl Little. - Camden (Maine) : Down East books, 1995. - 191 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.
ISBN 0-8927-2347-5

DESCRIPTION : A spectacular scrap of land set in a surging sea, Monhegan Island has inspired generations of U.S. artists. Some of the nation's greatest painters have made the pilgrimage to this rocky outpost 10 miles off the coast of Maine. Realists, impressionists, and abstract artists have all been equally captivated by the island's dramatic headlands, its tranquil wooded interior, and its people — whose lives are defined by the powerful ocean around them.

Fully illuminating this rich and diverse artistic tradition, more than a century of American landscape painting is presented in Monhegan : The Artists' Island. The book is divided into sections that reflect the island's own enduring aesthetic elements, and the juxtaposition of styles from the Hudson River School to American Impressionism and American Modernism makes it clear that while styles have changed, the artistic fascination of this charmed spot has endured.

Reproductions from 151 artists accompany the text, which explores the history of this timelessly beautiful island and of the men and women who came to paint it in unprecedented detail. Some of the artists are relatively unknown, others are due for rediscovery, and the work of many is respected worldwide, including that of Rockwell Kent, George Bellows, Edward Hopper, the Wyeths, and Robert Henri.

Together with book designer Frank Lieberman, Jane and Will Curtis have produced nine books on a variety of subjects. They are engaged in conservation efforts, writing, and radio and television programming. Will Curtis's commentaries, “ The Nature of Thins ”, are heard on National Public Radio stations. When they have time, they enjoy their house on Monhegan Island, Maine.
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