Judith M. Heimann

The most offending soul alive : Tom Harrisson and his remarkable life

University of Hawai'i press

Honolulu, 1999
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The most offending soul alive : Tom Harrisson and his remarkable life / Judith M. Heimann. - Honolulu : University of Hawai'i press, 1999. - VIII-468 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-8248-2149-1
NOTE DE L'ÉDITEUR : An English eccentric and adventurer, Tom Harrisson (1911-1976) sought knowledge and renown in a dizzying number of fields, while breaking most of the rules of “ civilized ” society.


By age twenty-one, Harrisson had carried out pioneering ornithological research and explored the fauna of Northern Borneo. While still in his twenties, he wrote a best-selling book based on his experiences living among cannibals in the South Pacific. The next decade found Harrisson applying the techniques of bird-watching to his fellows Britons in what became Mass-Observation, a precursor of modern market research. Later he won the DSO for parachuting into Borneo behind enemy lines and organizing an army of blow-piping headhunters who eventually killed more than a thousand Japanese soldiers.

After the war Harrisson settled in Borneo, where, as curator of the Sarawak Museum, he transformed it into a model and inspiration for the region ; he led efforts to save the orang-utan, the green sea turtle, and other endangered species ; he discovered the oldest modern human skull known at the time ; he published widely in the scientific and popular press, and appeared frequently on the BBC and British television.
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Judith M. Heimann : The most offending soul alive, Tom Harrisson and his remarkable life